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Caravan Theatre is holding auditions for 4:48 Psychosis, by Sarah Kane. 4:48 Psychosis does a deep dive into issues of mental health and suicide. It mixes lyrical, sparse text with movement and physicality. The play pushes against boundaries of traditional theatre; there are no characters, plot or stage directions. Text, images and movement work together to convey meaning. The rehearsal process involves ensemble devising and improvisation. 


This is an Equity engagement, under an Indie 2.2 contract. You do not have to be an Equity member to audition. The engagement involves a workshop week in February, followed by another workshop week in March. Two weeks of final rehearsals in April, and a six-town tour through NS from April 23- to early May, 2020. It’s a run-out tour, so no overnights involved. Workshops and rehearsals take place in Halifax.


We’re looking for 3 actors of diverse age, race and gender. 


Auditions to be held January 8th and 9th at Halifax Dance, 1505 Barrington St, Halifax

Auditions involve 2 elements:

1. A private audition in which you perform your choice of either   

          a. 3 minutes of the script (available online at http://rlmalvin.angelfire.com/KaneSarah448Psychosis.pdf).    OR

          b. a spoken text of your choice, any source

2. A group audition in which you will work at improvising physically with other auditioning actors.


Interested people should please send an email with CV to Kathy France at caravantheatrens@gmail.com

Deadline for submission to audition: Jan. 3

Catch 4:48 Psychosis on tour April and May 2020 in these communities:


Wolfville, Chester, Annapolis Royal, Halifax, Truro and Antigonish.



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