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Upcoming Performances

Caravan Theatre stages the world premiere of Fish and Dicks: Case Files from the Digby Neck & Islands Fish-Gutting Service and Detective Agency


 Fish and Dicks provides a farcical snapshot of life in the close-knit, remote communities of Western Nova Scotia. Blanche, an underemployed illustrator living on Brier Island, runs a weekly community radio podcast focused on local news. She’s also developing a book about two hapless and rather dim-witted seniors who run a fish-gutting business with a side-hustle as private investigators. Because crime on remote islands with a few hundred residents must be rampant, right?


Whale watching, fishing and fog predominate in this bittersweet play which features sing-along sea shanties and abundant laughs. Audience members will resonate with the play’s themes of rural challenges and close-knit community.

This play is loosely based on the collected writings of Nova Scotia authors Jim Prime and Ben Robicheau, including their popular Fish and Dicks book.

Directed by Kathy France 

Cast: Thea Burton, Alan Slipp, Steve Roe, Joe Callaghan, Linda Levy Fisk and Jesse Potter


November 2nd 7:30pm & November 3rd 3pm at Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal


November 8th 7pm & November 9th 2pm & 7pm at Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville


Ages: 12 and above

Show is 2 Acts with an intermission

Tickets at: for Annapolis Royal and  for Wolfville

Multiple dates/times and locations


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Joe Callaghan (left) and Steve Roe (right) as Gurrey and Grime


Alan Slipp and Thea Burton

Linda Levy Fisk and Jesse Potter

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