Doctor Concocter

A story-poem brought to life through puppetry, story-telling and dance

Damascus, Syria

Xpat Bllue

Song, dance, poetry and sketch comedy bring expat woes to life

Bangkok, Thailand

7 Stories

A man ready to jump proves much saner than the whacky inhabitants of the 7th floor

Damascus, Syria

Expat Edge

The wonders and horrors of a life lived abroad as diplomatic baggage

Woflville, Nova Scotia

Indian Magic and Dancing Dolls

Puppeteers, musicians, acrobats and magicians regale European audiences with a show born in a Delhi slum

The Little Prince

Middle School students bring the classic tale from page to stage

Kathmandu, Nepal

As You Like It

Shakespeare/s comedy played out in the stunning pavillons and gardens of a Rana palace

Kathmandu, Nepal

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

Murder, mayhem and the streets of London come to life in this dark tragedy

Kathmandu, Nepal

Ying and Pong

Traditional Thai shadow puppetry using antique puppets 

Bangkok, Thailand


A Child's Christmas in Wales

Dylan's classic Holiday tale of childhood adventures and family ties

Nova Scotia tour

4.48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane's lyrical and raw take on depression

Nova Scotia tour

Robyn Crusoe

Mime speaks volumes about the scourge of technology and the wonder of nature

Thailand, Nepal, Canada

Sketch Comedy Nights

Nothing sacred, nothing left un-laughed at

Wolfville, Canada

The Adventures of Frog and Toad

The much-loved children's classic brought to vibrant life

Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Imagination

A box, an umbrella, bits of cloth and a stuffed dragon enhance poetry

Bangkok, Thailand

Dil Se Drum Se

Drumming to an Indian beat on the stages of Europe's cultural festivals


The Boy Friend

Musical comedy set on the French Riviera

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu Commedia

Youth explore the ancient art of Commedia del'Arte

Kathmandu, Nepal

Alice in Wonderland

Youth aged 5-19 stage a classic whle learning all aspects of stage craft

Bangkok, Thailand

Departures and Arrivals

A great Canadian play set within the spectacular Azem Palace

Damascus, Syria


Fem Fest: Freedom 

10 female-identifying artists sharing theatre, dance, poetry & story-telling in celebration of the centenary of votes for women

Nova Scotia tour

"sharp and entertaining satire" 


"extremely hilarious" 




The Nation, 2009

on Expat Blue


"delightful family entertainment" 

"a special treat"


The Nation, 2006

on The Adventures of Frog and Toad



"left the audience thrilled and spellbound"

"visual delight" 

one-of-a-kind theatrical performance"


The Himalayan, 2010

on Doctor Concocter

Caravan Theatre's productions have delighted both children and adults in many countries. From Shakespeare to great Canadian classics to original scripts, Caravan delivers top-quality entertainment