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Book a student workshop in drama, poetry or dance

Caravan Theatre has, from its beginnings, embraced cultural diversity and international styles of theatre. Caravan's founder, Kathy France, travelled the world as "diplomatic baggage", following her husband's career as it took her family from one country to another. "Caravan" seemed like an apropos name for a theatre company that was always pulling up roots and moving on to distant horizons. But everywhere Caravan set down roots anew, Ms. France sought out local and expat artists and explored exciting new art forms.

​Caravan Theatre works with schools to provide valuable learning opportunities for students of all ages. Performances and workshops can be tailored to curriculum goals. Caravan Theatre also trains educators in enhancing curriculum with poetry, dance and drama.


Caravan Theatre works with corporations and grass-roots organizations through facilitating team-building and/or growth-exploration. Theatre-for-social-and-cultural-devlopment forms the backbone of many of Caravan's community projects.


Caravan Theatre also offers entertaining Made-to-Order performances that spice up conferences and annual meetings.

Book teacher-training

Book team-building and growth-facilitation for your business or community group

Book a performance and workshop combo

Book  a Made-to-Order theatre performance

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