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Caravan Theatre seeks to engage its audience's minds and spirits in theatre that is innovative and inspirational. We work with theatre, dance and music artists to explore disparate ideas, forms and styles in both found and original material. Our goal is beauty in design, precision in performance and elevating the artistic spirit. 


Founded by Kathy France, a Canadian actress, director and theatre educator, Caravan Theatre travelled the world for 11 years, setting up home in numerous locales, including Trinidad, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Kenya, Syria, Thailand and Nepal. With a return to Canada in 2012, Caravan now resides in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 


Caravan Theatre undertakes diverse projects with passion and vision: live theatre performances, workshops in theatre and dance, school tours, teacher-training, corporate facilitation, and Socially-engaged & Community Arts projects. 


Stage shows based on classic scripts, original material or page-to-stage adaptations

Socially-engaged and Community Arts projects

Empowering participants through the Arts


Youth Theatre

Camps, in-school progrmas, and workshops

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