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Caravan Theatre in the Schools

Caravan Theatre has an expert and experienced team of theatre artists ready to work with school children and teachers. We offer performances of plays and/or many kinds of workshops. We also provide teacher-training. Whether our team visits your school for one hour, one day, or over a series of weeks, we deliver fantastic artistic adventures for all.


Feeling Mental Health explores the world of despair and how we arrive at hope.

An online, digital performance mixing spoken word poetry, original music and theatre. Feeling Mental Health is available in either English or French and comes with a post-viewing workshop guide. Bookings can include one of our performers interacting with your students via video link for a post-show discussion. 

Suitable for upper high school.

Performance runs 40 minutes.

Trigger warnings: adult language, self-harm, depression

Reach out to for more information


COMMEDIA DEL'ARTE  Explore this ancient art form that inspired the likes of Charlie Chaplin and gave birth to the term "slapstick" and the American sit-com. Physical comedy at its fun and finest!


SHAKESPEARE  Play with the poetry and passion of Shakespeare. Discover the power of the Bard.


MASKS  Slip into another way of being. Learn how the mask challenges the actor to communicate character and intent in non-verbal ways.


PHYSICAL THEATRE  Create meaning through movement. Explore relevant issues, either personal, political or societal, through the collective devising of a performance piece.


ISSUE THEATRE  Text, movement, voice and character....all the elements come together as we dive into an issue of the school's choosing and embrace the learning therein.


PUPPET AND OBJECT THEATRE Use traditonal and non-traditional puppets in story-telling and role plays.


DANCE DRAMA  Tell a story, create a character, ommunicate atmosphere - all through the medium of dance and creative movement.


SLAM POETRY  Quick and quirky poem-making.


FREEDOM DANCE  Improvisational dance -where theatre meets yoga meets dance. Fun and reflective at the same time.


THE ART OF IMPROVISATION  Create instant characters and scenes and learn how to embrace the moment in order to discover its comic potential.


READER'S THEATRE Scripts in hand, bums on seats.....learn what's important in theatre through paring away the non-essentials of set, props and costumes. In Reader's Theatre, small things speak volumes.


URBAN MYTHS UNPLUGGED  Use a variety of theatre techniques to explore the depper meaning behind common urban myths and legends.


MIME IT!  No words, just bodies. Build a silent scene that leaves your audience speechless.



PUPPETS AND ALMOST-PUPPETS  Students use traditional and non-traditional puppets in story-telling and role-plays.


FAIRY-TALE THEATRE  Well-loved tales acted out in fresh new ways. Students work together to unite movement, chant, character and setting in the re-telling of stories.


EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY  Exciting theatre exercises inspire students to self-confidence and self-expression. Everyone wins in theatre games!


DANCE DRAMA  Tell a story, create a character, communicate atmosphere - all through the medium of dance and creative movement.


ARTS ATTACK!  Explore a story through the different mediums of drama, music and art. Stretch those creative muscles!


TRUST AND GROUP-BUILDING GAMES  Build up group trust and cohesion with theatre exercises that open up communication and sharing.


PERFORMANCE PREP  Let us help get your students get ready for their upcoming performance. Students have fun while learning the elements of successful staging.



Caravan Theatre offers numerous workshops designed to equip teachers with tools and techniques to bring out the creative best in their students. Want to learn how to pull a play together quickly and cheaply? Interested in deeply engaging your students in the creative process of building a play? Have an idea but not a script and would like direction in how to bring that idea to fruition? Need help in turning a book into a play? 


Caravan Theatre facilitators are experts at guiding teachers into the creative process of making plays that link to curriculum or holidays. Learn the tools to easily engage your students in play-making and together create visually stunning and emotionally stirring plays.



"Absolutely incredible and wonderful!" 


"Loved the exercises; they kept us engaged"


"They understand kids and know how to bring out the best in them"


"She brought out the best in me, as well as the kids"


"If you have a chance to bring her into your organization, get her!"


"They break down the barriers of self-consciousness and "coolness"  and really reach each student"


"Super presentation and workshop!"



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